Les Carprices 2018

Grape Variety: 
100% Merlot
Tasting Note: 
the date of grape harvest is de ned according to the tas ng of berries: September 13h 2018. The work in the cellar is modulated according to the quality of the grapes harvested, and piloted from day to day depending on the tas ng. It consists all in all in the crushing, in pumping-over, and a special a en on throughout the whole process. For this cuvee, we decided to have a short va ng, no oaks in order to highlight nesse & freshness of our terroir. Flowerish nose - Li le stones fruits - So Spices - a fruity & smooth wine - To keep between 3 to 5 years « A good wine with complex and volume and display a surprising ageing that will give a great deal of satisfaction for over a decade.
The Domaine produces only 8,000 bottles of les carpries annually with Biodynamic Viticulture

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