Les Vendanges 2016

Grape Variety: 
71% Merlot 29% Cabernet Franc
Tasting Note: 
The date of grape harvest is de ned according to the tas ng of berries: September 30th 2016 for the Merlot and October 8th 2016 for the Cabernet Franc. The work in the cellar is modulated according to the quality of the grapes harvested, and piloted from day to day depending on the tas ng. It consists all in all in the crushing, in pumping-over, and a special a en on throughout the whole process. the wine is transferred into barrels in November and aged for 15 months before bo ling. Barrels are French oak exclusively. Anexcep onalvintageforCarmels - Blackfruits &violet - So spices &pepper - Elegantandpleasant - Tokeepbetween 15 to 20 years
The Domaine produces only 5,000 bottles of les vendanges annually with Biodynamic Viticulture

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