Coeur De Clair De Rilly La Montagne Premier Cru Extra Brut Nv

Grape Variety: 
100% Pinot Noir
Tasting Note: 
This Blanc de Noirs is a 2011 champagne topped exclusively with Pinot Noir grapes sourced from the 40-year-old vines of Les Chauds Champs in the village of Trois-Puits. The plot was carefully managed with the help of horses and expanded in isolation. With the 2011 vintage, it is the latest cuvée from the talented winemaker Perine Baillette. Like its twin brother, Coeur de Craie de Rilly-la-Montagne, this vintage champagne is vinified 100% in oak barrels and then aged for 48 months on fine yeast. To underline the expressive terroir, the Baillette Champagnes are neither chilled nor filtered. All fermentation processes are allowed in a natural way, as well as the malolactic fermentation. This first-class cuvée was dosed with Extra Brut.
The Winery owns 3.65 Hectars and produces 13,000 bottles. This Cuvee only produced 600 bottles with Extra Brut