Ribolla Gailla Igt 2011

Grape Variety: 
100% Ribolla Gailla
Tasting Note: 
Ribolla Radikon Orange Wine, biodynamic, 4 months on the skins, no added sulphur, rich, structured savoury wine for hearty food. Ribolla Gialla can be a quite light, fairly neutral white wine when the yields are high however when treated in the correct way, it can produce wines of immense complexity. This outstanding example from Radikon is hazy orange with explosive aromatics of quince, fresh orange zest, and apricot. Big and textured with fine tannins and bracing acidity that makes this almost chuggable in its combination of density and freshness. Amazing stuff in the now Iconic Radikon half litre bottle just perfect for one person when you fancy a night to yourself, some top notch grub and some stunning Orange wine.
Vineyards age is 20 - 45 Years old 35,000 bottles produced from 12 hectares of vineyards with Biodynamic cultivation zero Sulphur added

3 Bunches by Guida Vitae AIS
“One of the best wines”