Black Betty 2020

Grape Variety: 
57% Domina / 42% Regent 1% Pinot Meunier
Tasting Note: 
The wine is named after the first lamb that was born in our former Domina vineyard. The 2020 was the terrible year of frost with just some of the Domina surviving the devastating night in May. As a result we had to do a couple of things differently. The remaining grapes were stomped and pressed after an hour to ferment and age in old oak. Then we have Regent. Which was completely destroyed. But: there was a second generation. Not much but some. As it didn’t make much sense to make three wines out of that we decided to make a directly pressed version of the Regent, age it in stainless steel and blend it with the Domina. Also we supplemented both batches with biodynamically farmed grapes from our friend Christian Deppisch in Theilheim who helped us a lot that year. The Regent of course changes the character of Black Betty. The blend is more fruity and punchy than the predecessors and dangerously drinkable.
Michael and Melanie own 7 hectares and converted into organic farming since 2013. They produce around 30,000 bottles of amazing natural wines.

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