Grosse Wanderlust 2018

Grape Variety: 
100% Regent
Tasting Note: 
This is only the third time we gave this wine a shot. With our own Regent vineyard struggling we also picked some biodynamically farmed grapes from a friend. Whole bunches were covered with destemmed & crushed berries. The must fermented to juice within two weeks and was left to macerate for another week before it was pressed and gently moved to old barriques. It inherited a noticeable but elegant wood flavor despite the age of those barriques. It’s a unique cuvée in our portfolio with warmth, fruit and body but still low in alcohol. It was not racked before bottling which took place in March 2020.
Michael and Melanie own 7 hectares and converted into organic farming since 2013. They produce around 30,000 bottles of amazing natural wines.

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